S50 M roadster progress thread (Recent - Oil Change DIY)

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S50 M roadster progress thread (Recent - Oil Change DIY)

Post by tcrichton » Sun 03 Oct, 2010 17:45

The story:
Well I recently bought Shanty's M roadster. Being his brother I know it had been looked after well, cleaned beautifully and generally taken care of so when he decided to splash some money on a near identical (it has a red top and the S54 chrome bits) S54 I jumped at the chance to sell my Audi A3 1.8T and get a sports car of my own... the wife has an MGF VVC which I'd regularly steal.

Now this is a totally different beast, get in the MG and you drive it like a dogem on Brighton pier (fearless swinging it into bends, I mean what's the worst that can happen? Usually just a bit of opposite lock...)

The ///M seems to have endless power and feels much heavier, at the moment I'm also scared of it... yet it surprises me everytime I think I'm being a bit daring on a roundabout or corner (I don't plan on testing this theory too much on the road - I may take it to a track sometime)... It also surprised me today by wheel spinning in 3rd on a wet dual carriageway (its not like I dropped the clutch or anything either).

Anyway, this beauty has:
- 55k on the clock
- 3 owners (including shanty) from new
- Completely standard (apart from rims refurbished in arctic silver)

She's also arrived due an oil change. Not afraid to get my hands dirty I've undertaken this and I expect I'll undertake most of the maintenance on the car and fully document it on here (and my website which will hopefully soon have a wiki)

Previous work carried out:
Will go here once I've got the booklet out of the car...

Work carried out during my ownership:
55,178 - Oil, Oil filter and Air filter change - howto/diy guide

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Post by shantybeater » Sun 03 Oct, 2010 17:56

Looking good!! 8-) I still prefer the black top! :roll:

Just for future reference, the previous build thread

Progress Thread:http://www.zroadster.net/forum/viewtopi ... 32&t=36117
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