New Colour for Profile - FAO Robert T

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New Colour for Profile - FAO Robert T

Post by billz » Mon 16 Jun, 2014 21:22

Think we need a new colour adding to the profile page as i can not find Ruby Black also the 3.0Si should run from 2006 to 2008 any chance we can update it.

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Re: New Colour for Profile - FAO Robert T

Post by Robert T » Mon 16 Jun, 2014 22:23

What is the colour number? There is one called Sapphire Black (475) already in there, which I know was definitely a Z4 colour. No problem adding it if it turns out to be another colour.

Cheers R.

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Re: New Colour for Profile - FAO Robert T

Post by Gazza » Tue 17 Jun, 2014 18:44

I think Ruby Black maybe an Individual option.

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Re: New Colour for Profile - FAO Robert T

Post by gookah » Tue 17 Jun, 2014 19:00

There were 3 blacks on the e85/6 Z4,
Sapphire (475)
Ruby (S23)
Carbon (416)

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