Lambo door hinge

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Lambo door hinge

Post by steve.storey » Sat 07 Mar, 2015 13:52

Has any one had any experience with Lambo vertical door hinges. Im thinking of having a pair fitted .

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Re: Lambo door hinge

Post by deni2s » Sat 07 Mar, 2015 17:03

I heard, people had problems with them (keeping the door weight). And they are not very comfortable.

Personally I think they do look too bling on z3, but do as you wish.

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Re: Lambo door hinge

Post by joe1821232 » Thu 30 Jun, 2016 03:50

If i could choose any hinge id pick the ones from the koenigseggs, they are fantastic.

Mainly because gull wings are a little difficult.

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Re: Lambo door hinge

Post by 5harp3y » Mon 22 Aug, 2016 10:50

steve.storey wrote:Has any one had any experience with Lambo vertical door hinges. Im thinking of having a pair fitted .
dont think they can be fitted to a zed easily due to the front wings, also they look cack!

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Re: Lambo door hinge

Post by jimmithemoonlite » Sun 30 Jul, 2017 00:54

I have used lambo hinges on a brabus roadster and a brabus fortwo I had and the goto companies are LSD and MDC. I can personally vouch for the quality of the former and being German were very well engineered, and especially on the roadster made getting in and out a lot easier and a bit more dignified. The two I have mentioned are pretty much generic and some bodywork modification was needed to the front fenders, I'm not certain on the fortwo as I didn't fit them. both of these sets are about £1200 and around £500 to have them fitted.

I have since used a company from the states called scissor_doors inc and their gear is on another level, fancy suicide doors on your Z3? they will make them for you. They do all the side opening boot, split opening bonnets and the like, but the lambo hinges I priced up with them were for an audi TT I have but decided against cos I thought I might sell the car once I bought the Z.

If they don't have hinges for your model the will design and make them for you and all their lambo hinges are direct replacements and the price was $999 plus shipping. Don't take my word for it just google scissordoors inc and see for yourself. I did know a fellow smart roadster owner who had them made specially for his car and there was no bodywork to alter, just the wiring to extend into the door but the quality was far superior and again his cosy $999 plus shipping.
If anyone wants any kind of trick hinges I would urge toy to check them out cos they are awesome, they can even include remote electric opening and closing for an extra 400 dollars.

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