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inpa ports

Post by littlefeller » Fri 10 Jun, 2016 15:22

just brought a cheap second hand laptop for my inpa and other diagnostic stuff, it has a serial port at the rear, I seem to recall that there was some sort of advantage in using the serial port but cant remember what advantage it was, anyone remember?

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Re: inpa ports

Post by BladeRunner919 » Fri 10 Jun, 2016 15:41

It just works more easily. INPA is set designed for a serial port, so works with it natively.

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Re: inpa ports

Post by Robert T » Fri 10 Jun, 2016 17:48

A proper serial port is required for early cars, which use ADS. The later cars use OBD-II signals and can be connected to using USB readers (this is true even on cars without an OBD-II socket, like my 01/99 car). I have not tried using a serial port to connect to later cars, but you will probably want to confirm that it works before buying a serial port reader.

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