True or false ?

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True or false ?

Post by TJS » Mon 23 Mar, 2020 10:45

The original scheduled production run for the Z1 was 4,000 cars, however, the final 8,000 was ultimately determined by the body moulds which were worn out ?

skip to 3.10.

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Re: True or false ?

Post by bluejay » Mon 23 Mar, 2020 12:32

Never heard that that was the case. I always understand that the cost to produce was to high, but of course if you have to replace body moulds every 4000(?) units that would make sense too...


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Re: True or false ?

Post by Green Genie » Mon 23 Mar, 2020 21:41

I doubt that figure of 4000 is true, I’m sure BMW Would’ve sold more than 8000 cars if the demand was there.

The car was expensive at the time Porsche 911 money? Didn’t Mercedes just release the new SL at the time?

Taken from Wikipedia (not always correct) :roll:

Initial demand was strong, with BMW receiving orders for 3,500 vehicles before production began.[4] However, demand dropped significantly around 1988 and BMW ended production in 1991. There is speculation that the drop in demand was due to the early inflated demand from speculative investors.[16] In 1988, however, BMW was quoted as saying that they had 35,000 orders for the Z1.

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