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The pictures in BMW catalogs are often taken with filters, special effects, or under unusual lighting conditions, and it’s difficult to make an informed choice of colors.

But don’t dispair--these pages are intended to help by providing links to ‘real-world’ photographs. Choose one of the tags above (or below) to select the relevant index:

  Excellent wide-angle pictures of the Homecomings to the factory.

  Single lacquer paint is standard, metallic paints incur a $475 surcharge.

  Some beloved colors were retired in April 1999 (sobs in the background).

  Standard single lacquer and metallic paints for the M Roadster.

  Give BMW $2,000 and you get to choose your paint from the individual program.

  Limited editions with special paints, special upholstery, special wheels...

  Your name’s Barby and you want a pink Z3.

  They weren’t all red.

  Any color you like (from Topaz, Titan, Red, White and Black).

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Wheel options: BMW's wide range of alloy wheels

Racing Colors: why Ferrari Red, Mercedes Silver, British Racing Green?

List of all known Z-related color codes

Single lacquer--current production
300 Alpine White III
314 Bright Red
668 Black II
337 Dakar Yellow (also individual Z3)
358 Evergreen
405 Imola Red II

Metallic paints--current production
354 Titan(ium) Silver
362 Sienna Red II
430 Oxford Green II
400 Steel Grey
364 Topaz Blue
418 Impala Brown
303 Cosmos Black
335 Estoril Blue (also individual Z3)

Single lacquer--individual program
327 Santorin
379 Velvet Blue

Metallic paints--individual program
406 Orinoco
336 Aegean Blue
339 Atlantis
359 Mora Red
624 Sepia Violet
603 Arizona Sun
622 Scarab

Single lacquer--retired / rare
307 Dark Green II
326 Turquoise Green
328 Violet Red
413 Fiji Green
351 Kyalami Orange

Metallic paints--retired / rare
275 Boston Green
297 Montreal Blue
306 Atlanta Blue
309 Arctic Silver
408 Palmetto Green II
395 Sundown

Single lacquer--under development
427 Neon Yellow
415 Bright Red II

Metallic paints--under development
443 Sahara Biege
433 Apricot
349 Ice Blue
442 Grey Green