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Z14 (C1) Two-Wheeler

The Z14 conceived by Technik GmbH initiated an entirely new vehicle category, the C1, which was introduced in Spring 2000 as a product sold in BMW car dealers. The C1 combines the advantages of a motorized two-wheeler with numerous safety elements of an automobile.

BMW C1 Executive, BMW C1, BMW C1 Family`s friend

The C1 incorporates a safety cell with shoulder bar and exchangeable deformation elements, safety belt, a special seat and headrest. In the event of an accident, a crash deformation element above the front wheel and the BMW telelever minimize the consequences. In most countries (but not the UK) the C1 may be driven without a crash helmet.

Louis Vuitton designs: Bond Street and Nomade

With its roof and windshield, the safety cell offers additional protection from the elements. It is driven by a 125 cc, 15 hp water-cooled four cycle engine with a three-way catalytic converter. Anyone who wishes, can even order the C1 with antilock braking (ABS).

Hannover Police and Louis Vuitton's Bagatelle design