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The Z4 is planned to be launched in Europe sometime in Q1/Q2 2003 and at that stage we will have a better idea of the colours, options and features planned for the platform. Until then I am leaving these page in the state they were prior to the US launch--including some of my not-always-accurate predictions!

These pages bring together in one place as much information as possible on the Nachfolger (next-generation) BMW Z3 expected some time 2002. If this is your first visit you may want to go straight to the 2002 news page.

Afterwards, if you have the time, and are interested in more information, you can dip into the links below as you wish. Each page is linked to the next, so you don't have to come back to this index.

        How long does it take to create a new BMW roadster?

        What do Z3 owners want to see in the next-gen Z3?

        1998-2000 news: rumblings and artists'impressions

        2001 news: first heavily-disguised spy shots    

        2002 news: next-generation Z3 becomes the Z4    

        2002: BMW gears up for Z4 production    

        2002: launch and specification predictions    

        5 Jul 2002: Initial press release and hi-res pics    

These pages were produced with the help and cooperation of many people, many of whom for various reasons cannot acknowledged, however you all know who you are.

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